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CWC 2015: Opening Ceremonies Promise to Enthrall Cricket Fans

February 12th, 2015 | by admin
CWC 2015: Opening Ceremonies Promise to Enthrall Cricket Fans
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Melbourne and Christchurch are set for the biggest opening ceremonies ever seen ahead of a cricket World Cup tournament. As 14 teams, 210 players and billions of supporters get set for the showpiece event, the thunder Down Under is beginning to rumble.

Showpiece event on the cards at Melbourne and Christchurch

From the razzmatazz of music and brilliance of fireworks to David Warner boxing a kangaroo – a symbol of Australia’s symbol of sporting culture – no stone is being left unturned in either Melbourne or Christchurch.

Gavaskar, Laxman Reveal Why India Stronger than Pakistan

India have beaten Pakistan in all five previous World Cup meetings – 1992, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2011. Can Pakistan break the jinx in their sixth encounter at Adelaide on Sunday?

Sachin Reveals What it Takes to Bat Up a Storm Down Under

He has played six World Cup tournaments and has an abundance of experience. Little surprise then that Sachin Tendulkar knows all about what it takes to bat up a storm, even in humongous grounds like the ones in Australia and New Zealand.

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